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October in Vermont

Photo : Dillon

Dillon took this photo of me by the lake the other day (I stole it from his instagram). It was one of 
those intensely beautiful, cold fall days where it is hard to tell if you are dreaming or you are awake.

October in Vermont is whimsical like that. The sunlight is flat and bright, somewhere in between sunny and grey.
 There isn't any summer left here. The leaves are a deep orange and they are so lifeless. It is almost as if they are in pain, like they want to die and fall to the ground but the tree branches are holding on so tightly.

Perhaps I am a bit the same...


Nike on Nike


I love this outfit for some reason...? I am still trying to figure out why exactly.



stilbym stilbym
I ended up taking a picture of my bed yesterday evening and then another picture of it this morning before I made it.
I am in the process of hanging up some pictures that I like. I like the idea of using that space on the wall behind the headboard as a sort of moodboard. I was thinking about hanging two framed pictures in that space
but that seems too formal for me.

Currently, my bedroom is the only place that is safe from construction workers so making it a peaceful space is important to me. I am not used to having so many strangers coming in and out of my house and I am starting to notice that it is seriously affecting me. I have been having terrifying dreams, I am not able to work as well, and I am terribly anxious. Does this happen to a lot of people during renovations or is it just me?

Either way, I hope you are all doing well!

Happy October!