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Louis Vuitton's The Art of Packing

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Source : Louis Vuitton
If there is one aspect of traveling that I truly dislike, other than going through airport security, it would have to be packing. I love thinking about what I am going to bring, but the act of actually folding the clothes and even putting them in a suitcase is enough to drive me mad (or at least keep me up all night).
In an attempt to make packing for this current trip to Arizona a little more enjoyable and less anxiety provoking I decided that I would pack my carry-on suitcase following the step by step instructions given in Louis Vuitton's web app/video series 'The Art of Packing'.

While I did not follow the directions perfectly, I did learn how to properly pack a suitcase, which is a good thing to know seeing as :

1. My clothes arrived wrinkle free
2. I had more free space in my suitcase

Try the web app or watch the videos HERE!
OR read Shini Park's, of Park&Cube, absolutely beautiful (and more thorough) post about it HERE!


Anna Selezneva for Hunkydory & Mango

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source : 1 // 4/5 // 2/3/6

I find these looks, either from Hunkydory or Mango look books,
to be so inspiring. Anna Selezneva looks too cool in these outfits.
It all reminds me of either LA or the desert, two places that seem
to always be on mind... 


Mats Gustahson's Stockholm Apartment

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Aparatment of artist/illustrator Mats Gustahson
Location : Stockholm, Sweden //
Photography : Magnus Marding //
Styling : Jacob Hertzell //

From T Magazine (2011), you can see the rest here!


Happy Sunday

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I am currently taking a break to enjoy the sunlight that is filling the room.
It is still too cold to go outside so I am going through Pinterest and finding
some Sunday inspiration.




photo : me //

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