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J and I recently 'moved' back to NYC rather suddenly. I say 'moved' because we have not actually found a place to
move into yet. If it wasn't for J's generous cousins and their beautiful and spacious brownstone we would be homeless!

At first, I was a little upset about the move (mostly because of the cold), but after spending time
in our favorite parts of the city I am starting to feel better about everything.

I am still anxious about getting settled and being able to sort things out,
but I suppose that is normal? At least I hope it is!


Happy March!

Styled by me
Photographed (with thanks) by J //

I decided to start a personal project where I style
one still life each day and photograph it.
Here is one from the other day!

Happy March by the way!


Sockerbit in LA

stilbym stilbym stilbym stilbym stilbym stilbym
Photos : J // 
In March, my favorite place in the world,
Scandinavian candy store Sockerbit,
is opening a new shop in Los Angeles!
So exciting!


Still Life (still alive)

stilbym stilbym stilbym

Happy 2014 everyone! I hope it is not too late to say that...

I am just going to tell you that I have been sleeping in for all of January and just woke up because that sounds kind of lovely, doesn't it?

I am still in Los Angeles with J, escaping the bitter coldness of winter.
While I do miss snow and all of that I am not going to lie and pretend that I do not enjoy the sunshine and warm weather. J and I like to work in this room. During the daytime we open the doors (er, not pictured) to the back porch and let the breeze in and occasionally we will watch the far too many feral cats of Hancock Park wandering back and forth J's backyard.

Either way, I hope everyone has been having a wonderful January!