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Louis Vuitton's The Art of Packing

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Source : Louis Vuitton
If there is one aspect of traveling that I truly dislike, other than going through airport security, it would have to be packing. I love thinking about what I am going to bring, but the act of actually folding the clothes and even putting them in a suitcase is enough to drive me mad (or at least keep me up all night).
In an attempt to make packing for this current trip to Arizona a little more enjoyable and less anxiety provoking I decided that I would pack my carry-on suitcase following the step by step instructions given in Louis Vuitton's web app/video series 'The Art of Packing'.

While I did not follow the directions perfectly, I did learn how to properly pack a suitcase, which is a good thing to know seeing as :

1. My clothes arrived wrinkle free
2. I had more free space in my suitcase

Try the web app or watch the videos HERE!
OR read Shini Park's, of Park&Cube, absolutely beautiful (and more thorough) post about it HERE!

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