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Vintage Children's Halloween Costume + Hermès

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Dress : Vintage // Thigh highs : Agent Provocateur // Shoes : H&M // Bag and scarf : Hermès //

I recently found this dress while I was out helping my mother shop for antique furniture. It was hanging on the front of a rack of children's halloween costumes in a vintage clothing store. ...I am sure that any normal person would probably be put off by the children's halloween costume section at a vintage store but I am not that normal and I absolutely adore this dress.

The dress is cotton and velvet and on its own looks a little bit like something you would wear if you were visiting a prairie or taking part in a civil war reenactment; however, if you add a structured bag and a scarf (the scarf will prevent the look from feeling too structured) everything will come together quite nicely.

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