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Packing One Carry-On for One Week : Scottsdale, AZ

My moodboard for my recent trip to Scottsdale (Isabel Marant <3)stilbym
Two tops and two bottoms that can be mixed and matched
One of the outfits I laid out (inspired by my moodboard).
 Top & Bottom : Urban Outfitters // Boots : Cheap Monday // Bag : Gucci // stilbym
The top from the previous outfit worn with a pair of Current/Elliott jeans (also from the second picture).

As I mentioned in my post about Louis Vuitton's Art of Packing, I recently traveled to Scottsdale, AZ for a week of sunshine. It was so nice to be in the warm weather and to be able to wake up and see palm trees out my window.

I also enjoyed being able to wear skirts and dresses again, one of the perks of Arizona's harsh weather (100°+ heat and unhealthy amounts of sun exposure), which is something I was well aware of before I left and took into account while preparing what I was going to bring in my one carry-on suitcase.

I say prepare because I find that in order to pack things that I will actually wear I have to follow a process that prevents me from bringing unnecessary items. I get so annoyed with myself when I end up with a suitcase full of garments that I have no interest in and do not end up wearing, I do not even know how to explain it!

This is how I prevent that from happening :
  1. Make a mood board!!! I swear I am happiest with what I bring with me when I make a mood board before hand.
  2. Look up the weather.
  3. Find out what sort of activities you will be doing and make note of any activity that requires any sort of special attire (a party, hiking, etc.).
  4. Make a calendar for the days that you will be away that marks the weather and any special events that you have planned.
  5. Make a list of things you know you need/want to bring.
  6. Using the mood board and calendar choose and set aside any special occasion outfits.
  7. Choose garments/shoes/accessories that you can mix and match so you do not bring too many things. Try to eliminate anything that you know you will not wear.
  8. Lay everything out to make sure you are not missing anything!
What is your process? I would love to know!!

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