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Summer Perfect Outfit

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Photography (with thanks) : Johns Hopkins Congdon //

Top : Urban Outfitters (now on sale) // Bottoms : Current/Elliott // Bracelets : Stilbym //
Happy Friday!
I am going to take a momentary break from posting pictures
from here in Los Angeles to show you some pictures from VT.

This is one of my go to summer outfits that I feel like works on both coasts.
If you know me then you know that East Coast outfits vs. West Coast outfits
is something that I struggle with (mostly because I usually wear all black)
so I feel like I have cracked some sort of fashion code.

What is more perfect for summer than a fairy-light,
white cotton top paired with some denim?

And now that I have brought up fairy-light tops...
I actually love this top so much that I have been thinking
about picking it up in black seeing as it is now on sale.
Or do you think that would be too much?

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