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The Hollywood Sign (from my phone)

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On Saturday afternoon my friends were nice enough to take me to see
the Hollywood Sign, which is something I have wanted to do forever
(for reasons unknown). I think it is probably the most touristy thing I have
wanted to do...maybe ever.

I also got to see the Hollywood Reservoir,
which reminds me of Jurassic Park or something.

Unfortunately, these pictures were taken with my phone and
do not show how pretty everything was. Hopefully, by the
end of the day I will be able to post pictures that were taken
with an actual camera.

Happy Monday!

1 comment:

  1. The road the stand alone female is on (as the one above her) is the exact same road, Charlton Heston jogs down in the opening of the 1974 Motion Picture "EARTHQUAKE". After the opening titles, it's the first scene!