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Runyon Canyon / Fairfax / La Brea

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Runyon Canyon

Most of the time hiking is an activity I want nothing to do with. When I hear the word 'hiking' my mind always jumps to memories of miserable day long treks up mountains in Vermont or even more miserable backpacking trips in the Adirondacks. However, on Saturday morning, J (my best) and I hiked Runyon Canyon, which is something I have actually been wanting to do this since he first told me about it.

It is a short hike, around a mile up one side, and the view from the top is beyond lovely. If you are into that sort of thing (and even if you are not) and you are in Los Angeles then I recommend checking it out.

I wore my T by Alexander Wang tank (the one from my Los Angeles Update post), which I think has a cool, athletic feel.



Either way, directly after, we went to Canter's on Fairfax for lunch, mostly because I wanted their matzo ball soup. The matzo balls in their matzo ball soup are almost the perfect hardness (if you come from a Jewish family then you should know what I am talking about).

Matzo balls aside, I think it is important to note that Fairfax on a Saturday is a goldmine for people watching. Everyone there seemed like they were from a foreign country as they were taking pictures of everything with their phones (I assume for instagram). J and I decided that it looked like a live version of tumblr.

stilbym stilbym 

La Brea

After that we headed to La Brea to check out the sale going on at the Black Scale store. Because we were right by the Mishka store we stopped in and a man in a bucket hat (not even kidding) gave me their release of Yung Lean's mixtape "Unknown Death 2002", which we thought was extremely nice of them (and seriously funny).

Such a lovely way to spend a Saturday.

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