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Amethyst, Amazonite, Snow Quartz

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Photos : Johns Hopkins Congdon

Amethyst, Amazonite and Snow Quartz gemstones look so lovely when layered together, don't you think? It makes me smile to look down at my wrists and see them. And despite the fact that I do not use the gemstones for their healing purposes, I enjoy learning about their meanings as well. Sometimes, without thinking about it, I will layer strands of gemstones that have similar or common themes and it makes me wonder if I am unconsciously trying to tell myself something? Here are the meanings behind my gemstone combination from a couple of days ago :

  • Although Amethyst is believed to have many different meanings and uses, all can agree that this gemstone from quartz family protects a person from poisons and seduction. The word Amethyst is of Greek origin and literally means 'not intoxicated'. The stone is a symbol of power, protection, healing, wisdom, and piety. It is used to heal headaches, fight insomnia, create calmness within the home, as well as heal negativity in the home.
  • Amazonite, sometimes referred to as the lucky 'hope stone', helps balance emotions (as well as feminine and masculine energies) and it promotes kindness and practicality. It is also said to be a stone for artists.
  • Snow Quartz, also known as The Observation Stone, makes one have a more childlike or innocent perspective. It is a balancing stone and can be used as a dream stone as well.

I hope you all have a lovely Friday!

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