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Byredo & Aeosp

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I do not have much in common with my Father when it comes to grooming. He could care less about which moisturizer I use, shade of lipstick I like, which foundation works best with my skin... we do not even use the same brand of toothpaste; however, there is one element of my beauty routine that I do share with my Father and it is a mutual appreciation and need for a body wash or a body scrub that has an amazing scent (and due to the range of products natural to 'scent' based brands, this goes for candles too). We even go through phases together where we get kind of obsessed with a brand and discuss buying one of their scents online (which is comparable to having a blind date but with a scented candle or body wash) nearly everyday until we actually go and smell it in person.

It started a couple of years ago with Diptyque's 'Feu de Bois' (we now prefer different types of scents from Diptyque, he is not into the floral scents like I am and I am not into the 'Oranger' scent that he likes so much), from there we became fascinated with Le Labo (a brand he discovered), we had a quick interest in Tom Ford's body washes (Neroli Portofino to be specific), but now it is the Swedish brand Byredo (which we both came across in different ways) as well as the Australian brand Aeosp's Geranium Leaf body scrub.

I am pretty sure that my Father's interest in all of this stems from his profession as an aromatherapist, thus making the quality of the product most important to him (which works out amazingly seeing as he is able to tell me things like which brand uses the best quality Rose); however, like me, he also appreciates cohesive branding (packaging, container design, etc.) and likes a product that looks nice on a shelf or table. Both Byredo and Aeosp do not fail to deliver.

At the Barneys in Scottsdale, we finally got to smell some of Byredo's and each got a body wash, I chose Gyspy Water and he opted for Sunday Cologne, although secretly, I plan to use both!

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