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Byredo Candle Cactus Holder

source : atelierul-deco

Reusing empty candle holders is one of the chicest types of recycling in my opinion (it is up there with reusing boxes that designer shoes and handbags come in) and others seem to believe so as well. I use my empty candle holders to hold pens and pencils, makeup and make up brushes, or even just to hold jewelry that I take off. I have seen people using them for a variety of other objects too, like fresh flowers or perfume samples. I have even read that people put their empty Diptyque candle holders in the dishwasher and then use them as drinking glasses when they get bored of their regular everyday tumblers.

I h onestly did not think I could be inspired by an empty candle holder holding anything other than a candle until I saw this picture of a cactus planted in Byredo's dark colored glass. I especially like the way the Byredo/cactus combination looks against the white!
Happy Mother's Day by the way! 

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  1. What a great idea! It looks really good all together..