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Red, White & Blue (Happy May 17th Norway)

Today is Norway's National Day and it looks like it is a lot of fun. Many of the blogs I follow are posting pictures of beautifully decorated tables and everyone keeps mentioning excited children, which means good times (in fact, I think the children have parades even). I the only one that thinks that Norway knows what's up when it comes to decorating festively in red, white, & blue? Forgive me if I sound unpatriotic but the USA just does not do it as well… take a look at any American magazine come July and you will be shocked by what you find. The whole thought of using red, white, & blue for decorating kind of makes me cringe but I am taking notes and maybe this year I will decorate for July 4th.

I feel so inspired that I quickly made a red, white, & blue themed table setting. Now I plan to read up on the history of Norway and how this holiday is celebrated!

For everyone who is celebrating today : Happy May 17th!

Happy Friday!

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